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Kingston Cycle Hub




Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey


July 2019


30 Weeks


NEC ECC Option A

This project consisted of the fabrication and installation of a three-storey steel Cycle Hub

The works for this project comprised of the construction of reinforced concrete foundations, the fabrication and installation of a three-storey steel Cycle Hub, and internal fittings (Shops, workshop, MEP, CCTV and lift). The Cycle Hub is located to the west of Kingston Station, and east of the new River Link and Cycle Bridge.

The design of the Cycle Hub incorporated suitable and safe methods of construction to minimise any impact to Network Rail infrastructure adjacent the work site.

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 This was a constrained site with the frontage being on the main A307/A308 4 lane carriageway past Kingston Station, to the rear is Kingston Station with an operational siding being no more than 1.5m away from the work site, some 2m above site ground level, and adjacent to the site, being Kingston Overground Station. This meant that we had to carefully plan and manage the place of the site welfare and storage, contractor parking, deliveries as well as build the 3-storey structure.

As erection of the 3-storey steel frame was adjacent the Network Rail (NR) infrastructure we could utilize the experience of our Rail division to assist in NR meetings to comply with the BAPA agreement in place between Kingston Council and NR.


This Project was heavily impacted by Covid-19 as at the time of the global pandemic taking effect, we had just finished the spray coating works and were then ready to commence with both the roof works and cladding packages. We engaged with our suppliers to try and reorganise the programme but due to most suppliers ceasing trading whilst the full nature of the pandemic was understood, we had to pause activities on site and re-commence at a later date.

This was a challenging project, with programme delays beyond our control. However a high-quality finished product was handed over to our client, and now the project is in the running for a number of awards.




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