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Together, we can build sustainable futures

At the very core of our business is our awareness of our responsibility to shape the future of the built environment with an ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious attitude.

Our Responsibility

We understand our responsibility to work together with our industry peers to make the future of the built environment a sustainable one.

The Walker Construction team believe in making changes today to better tomorrow. Across our three core focus areas of Operations, People, and Planet, our activities ensure we support every community we engage with, source our materials responsibly, and protect the natural resources of our planet.

We are working smarter and harder to engage with our supply chain and our clients to ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment. 

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Ethical Standards

We believe that we have a duty of care to ensure our project materials are not only sourced responsibly but also in an ethical way and we have measures in place to ensure strict ethical standards.

Economic, Environmental & Social impact

Our community impact can be significant during project delivery, whether it be from an economic, social or environmental perspective. We are working towards better monitoring our impact.

Procurement & Supply Chain Practices

We work hard to ensure that all materials we work with are sourced in a sustainable way minimising any negative environmental, social or ethical impacts, while preserving the excellent finished quality. 

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Training & Education

Walker Construction is a diverse and inclusive employer, committed to the education and development of our talented workforce. Our award winning training programme has always been central to the business, as we recognise that it plays a key role in attracting, retaining, and developing the best people.

Local Community & Giving Back

Giving back is very much central to our workplace culture. We understand our responsibility to make a positive difference to the communities in which we live and work. This is why we founded the Walker Construction Trust.

Health & Wellness

We've put together a range of programmes to demonstrate our commitment to protect and improve the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues. This covers physical wellbeing, and mental health.



Lowering Emissions

Lowering CO2 emissions is good for business and good for all of us. It's time for us to face up to the challenge and do our bit. We are focused on reducing emissions so we can begin to actively offset and hit our emissions goal. This important project is being led by our internal sustainability group.

Materials Wastage Reduction

We have been busy putting measures in place to ensure we do the very best we can in reducing the different types of waste within our supply chain. Introducing recycling targets across the business.

Improving Energy Usage

We are working hard to understand our energy usage and ways we can change behaviours and equipment to measure energy and make reductions. This is also being managed by our internal sustainability group.

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