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Sheerness Recycling Plant






November 2020


27 Weeks

The main project work was to undertake the civils element as part of the construction of the new soil wash plant. Walker Construction’s civils work included driven piling and service supply duct networks for both water and power to form part of the Civils package.

The client purchased and arranged for the installation of the new wash plant to commence from Monday 4th May 2021 with their overall contract period being 22weeks.


This project was split into two phases. Phase one consisted of ground prep. The team completed over 650 pre-cast driven piles between 14-16 metres deep, across 4,920 square metres.


The wall of the Filter Press Machine was the highest wall ever constructed by Walker Construction, measuring a whopping 8 metres high.


The client requested additional works to provide a concrete hardstanding to the yard area. This would provide an impermeable surface to ‘collect’ rainwater and re-supply this into the new wash plant. This therefore meant some additional drainage works to be designed and installed to facilitate this request.


To synchronise the programme, the team built as much of the concrete yard area as possible within Phase 1 prior to departing site at the end of May. The Walker Construction team then returned to site on Monday 16th September to prepare and construct the remainder of the concrete yard area, working alongside the wash plant builders. This Phase 2 work consists of tying the concrete hardstanding area to the final wash plant position. By phasing the works in this fashion, the team could avoid any potential damage to the final yard surface from the erection process - as the new plant would require the use of 250 tonne cranes. 




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