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Grove Park Berthing Depot






Jan 2017


10 weeks



Grove Park Depot was identified as the preferred location to undertake PRM Modifications on Class 465/0 and 465/1 fleets.

This would see 93 x 4 car units rotate through Road 9 as from September 2016 until May 2018. In order to achieve this, it was required that the isolation arrangement and traction supply for Road 9 was taken under the control of the depot operator at Grove Park and not the Electrical Control Room Operator (ECRO) located at Lewisham (ECR).  Installation of new safe isolation system for Road 9 was to allow the switching of traction supply to Road 9 by the depot operator at Grove Park. In addition there was a small building extension and the installation of a new roller shutter.


Walker Construction undertook the following works for this project:-​

  • Installation of Cable Management.

  • Cable Pulling/Cable Drums.

  • Installation of Wall Mounted Equipment.

  • LV Cabling.

  • Controls Cable.

  • Drilling/Bushing and Tapping to Rails.

  • Installation and Connection to Advance Plates.

  • Terminations and Connections of DC Cables/Plug Lugs/Contactor Panel/Tis Lugs.

  • ETE Verification and Testing.

  • TIS Installation.

  • Conductor Rail Modifications.

  • Testing & Commissioning.

  • Removal of existing brickwork and concrete slab.

  • Excavation for foundation for the new extension.

  • Concrete and Steel work to the foundations for the new extension to house a Contactor Panel.

  • Installation Brickwork for the new extension.

  • Installation of new steel rafters and purlins

  • Installation of the new roof to the extension and tie into the existing building along with associated rainwater pipes and connections into a new manhole outlet.

  • Installation to the new extension, lighting, GRP Decking, Doorway and trough connections.

  • The cutting out of a section at one end of the existing shed an opening to create a doorway.

  • Removal of the existing brickwork for the door opening and make good each side.

  • Installation of a new roller shutter door with all electrical fittings and connections.

  • Installation of a concrete ramp access to the new door access.




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