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Arun East Bridge




Horsham, West Sussex


July 2018


60 Weeks



31 metre span reinforced concrete section road bridge.

After successfully delivering to a high standard the Arun West Bridge for Berkeley Homes, Walker Construction were awarded the contract as the principal contractor to construct a second bridge over the River Arun to provide a connecting bus route from the new development. The project involved the construction of a 31 metre span reinforced concrete section road bridge.

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The scope also required the construction of the approach embankments and roads including the provision for statutory services. The Southern embankment was built up by utilising the site won class 2A material which was reconditioned and reinstalled and compacted in layers.  The North embankment was to be constructed in an area in which the existing ground conditions consisted of a deep layer of Alluvium. This required the approach embankment to supported on driven concrete piles.


One of the main challenges was to ensure that the works could be carried out without any impact on the river. A detailed Environmental Management Plan was produced and submitted to the Environment Agency to demonstrate the control and protection measures we were to put in place.  This included the installation of sediment control fencing to ensure that no run off from the earth works entered the water course and included the installation of shingle filter drains.

We carried out PH testing of the water prior to commencing the works and throughout the project on a weekly basis or prior and during any of the concrete pours. 

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