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Are you looking for opportunity in the diverse industry in which we work? Walker Construction (UK) ltd prides itself on providing exciting opportunities across professional disciplines in and around the South East region. The broad range of roles available reflects our industry and the scope of skills required to run a multi-disciplinary organisation.

Thank you for considering Walker Construction as part of your future. Here at Walker Construction, you have the chance to shape environments and improve the quality of life for people everywhere. Walker Construction operates across a wide range of sectors encompassing civil
engineering, building and rail. Covering all types and styles of work including Industrial, commercial, highway, bridges, car-parks, heritage, education and social housing. We pride ourselves on our complete project management in-house design, technical support, and self-delivery.

Working with Walker Construction, you have a platform to drive your career, explore your capabilities and turn ambition into reality. If you’ve got what it takes to join our team and prehaps become one of our future leaders, we’ll support you every step of the way.

As an ethical employer, we are committed to providing enthralling career options that enable our people to achieve their goals and aspirations.



Wherever you are positioned within the Walker Construction business, whatever your role, we believe you have a unique perspective. Our collaborative culture will inspire you to build relationships with your colleagues and professionals alike, supporting and nurturing the development of new ideas.

Walker Construction thrives on ingenuity and is at the forefront of leading technologies and know-how. We put the right structures and processes in place, so as to ensure our workforce focus on ‘what’ they do, and ‘how’ they do it. We make the experience of working together one which people want to be a part of.

Walker Construction is an Equal Opportunity employer. With more than 250 employees, Walker Construction (UK) Ltd is an experienced Building & Civil Engineering Company working with private and public clients on projects up to £8m in value. With a proud and distinguished history that dates back to the 1960’s we have evolved into a multi-disciplinary construction business with annual revenues in excess of £45m generated through our three core divisions: Construction, Rail & Minor Works.