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International Women's Day

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

What does #EmbraceEquity Mean to you?

Here at Walker Construction we're working hard to drive diversity and inclusion in our business and the industry as a whole. We are keen to ensure our workplace has equal representation across the workforce. We’re approaching this proactively and promoting diversity in construction, providing diversity training and have introduced a number of anti-discriminatory policies.

Hear more from our team ...

Meet Phil 👋

Hi I’m Phil, the Managing Director for Walker Construction. My day to day job involves trying to inspire, motivate and lead everybody that works for the Company as a Team. I could not do the job that I do without the Team around me. Our greatest asset as a business is the people that work for the business. My job involves making difficult decisions sometimes, always with the best intentions in mind for the success and sustainability of the Company, our culture, our people, our clients and all that are associated with us. Sometimes my role is a lonely role but most of the time very rewarding. My moto is today’s problem is tomorrow’s solution…

What is your proudest achievement to date? 🏆

My proudest working achievement to date is being appointed as the first non-Walker Family member to the position of Managing Director. I am in a very privileged position and would definitely not be here without the help and support of everybody that I have worked with at Walker construction.

Which women inspire you the most? 🦸‍♀️

There are lots of women that are inspiring from politicians to sportswomen but I think the reality is that all women are inspirational in their own way and for lots of different reasons. We should take inspiration from everybody.

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

Equity in the workplace is about empowering all employees to be their best regardless of their ethnic background, country of origin, physical or mental ability, or gender and sexual orientation. As employers, why wouldn’t we want equity in the workplace? Equity provides opportunities to all employees, allows them to succeed which ultimately is to the benefit of the employee and the employer.

Meet Paul 👋

I’m Paul and I’m the finance director and company secretary for Walker Construction, having joined the company back in 1987 as a finance assistant. I am ultimately responsible for all the financial aspects of the company, but I have a great team who do most of the hard work! As company secretary I also oversee our legal obligations, making sure we comply with our responsibilities as a company. I also wear the IT director’s hat, which in the current rapidly evolving cyber environment we are living in can be somewhat of a headache. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy what I do, most of the time, and certainly the weeks fly by!

What is your proudest achievement to date? 👶

The birth of my three children, and the latest addition to the family, my lovely grandson!

Which women inspire you the most? 👑

I’m inspired by any woman who doesn’t allow their gender or, more precisely, the negative attitudes of those around them to hold them back. However the woman that has inspired me most, apart from my wonderful Mum of course, was HM Queen Elizabeth II. She took on a role and responsibility that should never have been imposed on her, and she did it with courage, grace and an unwavering determination to do it to her best ability. She gave up much to serve this country, including her own personal ambitions, and we should be immensely proud to have lived during her reign.

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you?⚖️

It means that the same opportunities should be available to all, and that progress and promotion should be solely on the basis of ability.

Meet Darryl 👋

Hi, I am Darryl the Construction Director for Walker Construction heading up the Midlands Office. My role takes on many attributes such as Building and Maintaining Client relationships, Pre-Construction activities to ensure continuous work flows for the business, Business Development engaging with both new clients and sectors to keep up with current markets, Planning workflows, projects and resource needs, HR with Employee Development being one of my favourite activities along with various Commercial duties such as Budget control & forecasting, Strategy for the Midlands Office & entire Business to allow us to grow and develop into existing & new sectors which will take Walker Construction into the future.

2. What is your proudest achievement to date? 🙌

There are many achievements both professionally and within my personal life of which I am proud of but one which always makes me smile is the development of colleagues of which I have been able to make a difference by listening and providing guidance & support, I often find myself feeling that Proud dad moment when a colleague delivers on the potential shown.

3. Which women inspire you the most? 👮‍♀️👩‍🚒👩‍⚖️👩‍🎨👩‍🔧👩‍🍳👷‍♀️

All full-time working Mums of young children inspire me, what a challenge on every level!

4. This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

We are all seen & treated as one, no matter of anything else!

Meet Steve 👋

I am Chairman of Walker Construction which is a job I enjoy immensely. It is an honour to go out and represent the company to our workforce, Local community, clients and suppliers. The main aspect of my job is to promote the company along with looking after various aspects of running the business.

What is your proudest achievement to date? 👍

Without doubt the Walker Trust being able to give back to the community and help those in need has been personally rewarding on a scale I could never have believed.

Which women inspire you the most? 🎉

On a local level I find Lyndsey Gallagher inspiring, as she came into her family construction business at a time when it was a very male orientated world and made her way to the top bringing in lots of positive changes on the way. On a global scale Michelle Obama for the way she was never in the shadow of her husband and stuck to her own views and opinions to become one of the most respected and revered Women in the world today.

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you?⚖️

Workplace equality is extremely important, we employ people for their capabilities to do the job weather they are male or female irrespective of race or disability, I look upon them all as colleagues and I believe treating all as equals leads to a happier and more inclusive workplace.

Meet Martin 👋

My role as a director involves meetings on a daily basis. However the main role is managing teams and working with clients. I also look at the overall business and the sustainability of the business for the future of the business. I enjoy my job and bring the best out of a team. I would like to leave a legacy for the future business to be successful.

What is your proudest achievement to date? 👷‍♂️

My most professional achievement is joining Walker Construction at 16 as an apprentice. I worked my way up the career ladder to become a director, which I am very proud of. A project that I am proud to have been part of is the Memorial Arch at Folkestone for World War I.

Which women inspire you the most? 💪

Women that work within the construction industry, who are breaking through a male dominated industry - I admire that highly.

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

It’s important that we continue to develop our work on diversity and inclusion. The more that we learn, the more we can understand how to make our workplace a safe and open environment which provides a level playing field for all people.

Meet Pamela 👋

I’m the Human Resources Manager at Walker Construction, I love my job, it gives variety where no two days are the same, the unknown, wearing more than one hat, who is going to call or visit for advice, assistance or just to off load. I’m often referred to as everyone’s mum!

What is your proudest achievement to date? 🔥🚜🛵

Having my children and watching them grow into amazing adults. I also like a challenge I have undertaken a parachute jump, a fire walk, passed my CBT and have ridden a combine harvester.

Which women inspire you the most? ⚽️👸

Jill Scott, retired professional England footballer and queen of the jungle, inspiring, can-do attitude, team player, strong, confident and smart. I also find Kate Middleton inspiring, her compassion, empathy, her time for people, she always looks fabulous (recycles outfits and shops the high street), she also loves a challenge against her husband!

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

Simply FAIRNESS regardless of difference.

Meet Charlotte 👋

Hi, I’m Charlotte, The Business Development Manager. My role is wide and varied, from developing potential leads, event management, networking, a range of marketing activities, and generally driving our brand image. I do enjoy my job, I love what I do, but it also helps that I work with a great team of people!

What is your proudest achievement to date? 🖌️🖱️

I have a number of proudest achievements, but my proudest professional achievement was delivering the Walker Construction rebrand last year. It was an honour to design and manage the process from conception to launch. The feedback and results have been remarkable, it’s given me the confidence in my own ability to drive my career forward.

Which women inspire you the most? 👷‍♀️

I remember being a teenager and seeing Hilary Devey on TV in her high vis jacket, discussing her wealth of experience in freight and distribution. She was a force to be reckoned with, I was so inspired by her attitude!

On a personal level, I’m surrounded by strong and inspirational women in my family. I grew up with two grandmothers who taught me to be confident in my own skin, my mother who grafted and showed me what it was to become adaptable, and my sister who is currently a Construction Site Manager who has always inspired me.

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

I think it’s important to highlight that each person has different circumstances and opportunities. For us to truly embrace equity, we have to understand it’s not about a “one size fits all” mentality, it’s about celebrating the uniqueness of every individual in the workplace and providing resources and means to achieve equality.

Meet Abbie 👋

I am the administrator/document controller for the Verney Office. My role oversees multiple areas – I love the variety! To name a few would be producing O&M manuals for completed projects, creating & maintaining document registers, setting up the site folders & organising training.

What is your proudest achievement to date? ➡️

My proudest achievement so far would be my decision to change my career. I worked in a hair salon from the age of 14 until I joined Walkers in 2020. Hairdressing was all I knew and I’m proud that I stepped way out of my comfort zone to try something new and learn new skills – especially as I hate change!

Which women inspire you the most? 💁‍♀️

Angelina Jolie

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

Work place equity gives the support, resources & equal opportunities needed for an individual to reach their full potential.

Meet Kayleigh 👋

Hi, I'm Kayleigh and I'm a Contracts Co-ordinator. I get to work with everyone within the division to help ensure everything runs smoothly from pre-construction works, overlay, phasing and TM drawings and contract administration such as CPP’s and RAMs. I really enjoy my job as no two days are the same and there is so much diversity in what I do.

What is your proudest achievement to date? 👩‍👦‍👦

Obviously I couldn’t not put one of my proudest achievements to date being having my beautiful twin boys! Equally up there I’m proud of being able to continue to develop my career since becoming a mum and not letting it stop me reaching my goals.

Which women inspire you the most? 👸🧽

Kate Middleton & Mrs Hinch

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

Looking at an individuals needs and providing them the resources and opportunities they require to succeed.

Meet Bernie 👋

Hi I'm the Commercial Manager for our Rail and Southern divisions. I oversee a team of Quantity Surveyors. I really enjoy what I do and a big part of that is due to the fantastic team of people that I work with on a daily basis.

What is your proudest achievement to date? 🎓

My proudest achievement so far is becoming an RICS Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

Which women inspire you the most? 💕

First and foremost, my partner. Seeing her maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity really inspires me. It is a continual reminder for me to approach problems in a positive and proactive manner. A skill that has proven to be very important in my professional life. She is also the most kind, thoughtful, and intelligent person I've ever met and I am so grateful for all the support she has given me over the years.

This year's IWD is #EmbraceEquity. What does workplace equity mean to you? ⚖️

I believe workplace equity means creating a work environment where people's individual needs are understood, in order to provide people with the resources and support that they need in order to excel.

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