A brief overview on

The way we work

We work to 4 key values.

Safety Without Compromise

Here at Walker Construction we ensure a safety first ethos. We believe a safe and healthy environment in which to work, is of utmost importance. This is reflected by our highly celebrated Behavioral Safety programme. To nurture a zero accident environment the programme is coordinate by our highly skilled and experienced safety team. The team runs a beneficial Safety Champions scheme, which saw our very own Kieren McCafferty win the International Safety Awards in 2017.


Our commitment to collaboration was highlighted last year when we received our BS 11000 accreditation. The BS 11000 standard has allowed us to get the most from collaborative working. Walker Construction has since implemented successful communication channels and continues to build thriving partnerships enhancing the value of our business.

Mutual Respect & Integrity

We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth. Our clients and stakeholders invest more than their time and money with us; they're also investing their trust. We seek to earn that trust every day, through providing the Walker Construction experience. We are accountable to the organisations and people with which we interact. We become tempoary members of the communities we serve and are dedicated to building lasting relationships with all stakeholders.

Lead by Example

Collaboration and innovation are key elements of our business ethos. The past 5 years have been monumental in all areas of our business. In 2016 we achieved our goal in becoming BIM Level 2 compliant. Named the first in the UK to achieve verification through the NFB/BSI collaboration. We are prioritising lower costs, faster delivery, lower emissions and enhanced quality. Whilst setting the bar in relation to safety and collaborative business relationships.