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Tidal Basin Road

The works at Tidal Basin were for three work packages these being trial holes, Section 278 works and hard and soft landscaping.

The works involved gravel paths and paving incorporating interlocking and asphalt paving; geotextile filler membrane; granite kerbs; metal edging; stone steps, installation of play and sports equipment and Street Furniture.  We also carried out planting, seeding and turf works.

The Section 278 works involved bridge parapet removal; bridge reinforcement works; removal and relocation of street lighting, signage and ground water control; installation of service ductwork and edge protection; excavation and surfacing works, installation of permanent traffic barriers and the removal and reinstatement of road marking and antiskid surfacing.

As the works progressed we were asked to carry out some additional works which included Section 106 Drainage works some 40 metres within the carriageway; double the tendered quantity of insitu concrete retaining walls; removal of the smart slab to expose the podium slab; storm water attenuation over the podium deck; bridge deck works including podium slab expansion joint; mass fill to the Tensar Wall and attenuation installation.

The main challenges for this project were the material movement, due to the construction of the structures over running we had to carry out the works without the use of the tower cranes to deliver the required materials to the work face. We had to increase our labour resource and hire in material conveyers to move materials from restricted delivery bays.  We also had a lack of on-site storage space.  We engaged in multiple interfaces with other trades all using the same delivery locations so continued communication was key.  We also experienced delays due to the scaffolding being removed late and the external finishing works were delayed which we ended up delivering within an occupied environment so had to be undertaken in a phased sequence.

There was some value engineering on this project.  We recycled the void former blocks that were originally used within the podium smart slab to reduce the requirement of granular fill which saved money on disposal along with the procurement of the granular fill.  Also after undertaking additional CBR testing on the original sub base for the S278 footpath works we were able to make both cost and time savings on the depth of formation dig and proposed sub base by using the existing.

This project included some research and development in relation to the material movements, the use of the material conveyor required a layout design to be undertaken on site.  We also had to use a long reach excavator to place materials on to the podium and behind the Tensar wall.

On this project we learnt to think outside the normal parameters which definitely helped the project to be completed on time.  Looking at the mechanical movement of materials as well as site labour.  We undertook the works in a less commercial manner which helped develop good working relationships.  We also engaged with a professional planner and programme support to manage any changes within the work scope.

The completed works varied greatly from those originally tendered but this we handled successfully and we are pleased with the completed works.