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Spalding Railway Station

May 2020 Walkers were instructed by Amco to undertake Platform Re-gauging works and Platform surfacing with block paving. Other works combined with the surfacing was the installation of new Aco drainage with a large capacity water soakaway system to the rear of the Platform.

To undertake the works we created a fenced line, 3 meters off the Platform edge. Although Platform 2 at Spalding isn’t an overly busy Platform, we needed to maintain a minimum platform width and secure work space.

Once all the site was set up, we proceeded to excavate the rear section of the Platform to the required design depth. New Aco drainage with carrier pipe was installed approximately 3000mm off the rear of the coping edge to the new design depths, this was to create a compliant 1:50 fall away from the Platform edge.

As the new Aco was installed the block paving was installed to the rear of the Platform behind the secure fence and completed prior to the front blocks and Copings being installed.

Coping adjustments were to be undertaken during possession of the line, the client Amco had arranged all possessions to allow the work to be undertaken. Old coping units were removed and discarded off site, as the copings were removed, we then removed old corbelled brickwork from the
Platform Riser wall. Using new bricks that blended in with the old existing brickwork we then rebuilt the corbelled brickwork to the new gauge and positions. New Coping units were then reinstalled to the correct gauge along with Tact Tiles to the rear of the Coping, as the coping units and Tact Tile
progressed the new Block Paving was installed to the new levels to create a back fall of 1:50 from the rear of the Tactile to the new Aco Drainage system.

Due to the sheer amount of Copings and Block Paving required, it was never viable to get all the Copings completed in one shift. So, at the end of each weekend possession we would install a safe transition between the existing Platform levels and the new.

All Platform drainage works were completed behind the Platform in a safe fenced working area. The drainage consisted of 600mm trench being excavated 20 meters long to the required depth, a 300mm perforated pipe was then installed and surrounded with 20mm stone shingle, the spur from the Aco
Drainage was then connected up to the soakaway finalising the drainage for the Platform.

All works were completed on time and within budget, the client was extremely happy with the finished platform as well as their client Network Rail.