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Southall Towpath

Walker Construction were awarded the £1.1m Design and Build contract to upgrade and construct a new towpath alongside the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal for our client Berkeley West Thames and in partnership with the Canal and River Trust.

This project involved the construction of a 40 metre span of a reinforced concrete capping beam underneath one of the bridges along the 1440 metre towpath. The location of the site, in which the towpath was constructed, is situated in between the Paddington Branch and adjacent to the new Southall Waterside development.

The works also included the installation of a new powder coated palisade fence along the edge of the development and the new landscaping in order to create a positive biodiversity enhancement.

One of the main challenges during construction was the planning and coordination of our works alongside other sub-contractors on the 88-acre Waterside site. In order to make sure the towpath construction had little or no effect on other sub-contractors work, daily co-ordination meetings were attended to ensure all parties knew the scheduled works that were planned. With a 24 hours advance notice on all deliveries.

The scheduled construction of the towpath was divided up into 9 phases. In order for the towpath to remain open for public use during the works we contracted Floating Pontoon Solutions to assemble a 160m long, 2m wide floating pontoon walkway to divert the towpath users around each phased section of work during the construction of the towpath.