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Flanchford Bridge




Reigate, Surrey


May 2016


24 Weeks


Constructing a road bridge over the River Mole.

At the beginning this project consisted of the temporary damming of the River Mole to enable the existing bridge to be removed.  We had to temporary divert the utility services across the river using a scaffold bridge.  Temporary foundations either side of the river was then created to support the heavy plant required to install the sheet piles and CFA Piles.

Reinforcement abutments were at that point cast on top of the five piles either side of the river to support the seven pre-stressed beams which were installed with a 400 tonne crane.  Within the middle of the pre-stressed beams a perma deck shutter was then placed into the recess of the beams prior to the reinforcement steel being laid and concrete placed with the aid of a 35m boom concrete pump creating the deck of the bridge.


Installed with a 400 tonne crane an EFCO system acting as the working platform and shutter was then fixed to the side of the bridge deck which the parapet of the bridge deck was then cast on.


We excavated four reinforcement wing walls and cast either side of the bridge deck prior to a water proof membrane being applied to the deck of the bridge enabling the footpaths and verges to be built using a range of HB2 and HB3 kerbs which would then support the services of the utility companies.


We then applied a road surface 35 metres either side of the bridge deck to tie in with the original road surface including two solid thermoplastic white lines.


To complete the works a VRS barrier was fixed to the bridge parapet which a T18 nature rail on four corners of the bridge was connected to.  Landscaping on all corners of the bridge was then finalised with topsoil, hedges and a post and wire fence.


This contract presented many challenges during the bridge construction from cold periods when placing concrete, to high winds when using cranes, but the project was completed to a high standard with a happy client and community at the end of our works.




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