Posted on 27/06/18

A Day in the Life of a Work Experience Student

Hi I’m Alfie I am 17, I have been completing my work experience this week. Undertaking various tasks around the business, experiencing projects and learning what life is like in the construction industry.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, from going out with Jim Arnott the Project manager and experiencing first-hand 2 live projects. The first being Stewarts Lane Train Depot- doing gantry installation for GTR. The second being at the Imperial Wharf Station where a passenger waiting shelter was being built and this was for TFL. We also visited a site in which a proposed project will be taking place, at Southall Waterside, where a Canal Tow Path is being built for Berkeley Homes. This was then followed by a meeting where we had to present our final presentation to Berkeley Homes' Directors after winning a contract on how we are going to carry out the works. This gave me a real insight on the day-to-day working of certain projects and the intensive concentration and communication being used at every stage. I was then placed with Jeanette McLean who is the Training manager and Aimee Lloyd the training co-ordinator here at Walker Construction. I created presentations about the construction industry, to be shown at Secondary and Primary schools in the coming months. In addition, to proposing ideas for career days at two other schools. I very much enjoyed my time in the Training department as I felt welcomed and within a friendly yet hardworking environment.

I then have been working with Charlotte Watts who is the Business Developing and Marketing Co-ordinator at Walker’s. I was tasked with many things to do, from creating posters and leaflets on the computer, in which Jeanette will use on the career days, to emailing and communicating with many members within the business, ordering vital materials and producing social media content by creating #ThrowbackThursday posts. This has also been a great experience for me, as Charlotte has been very helpful and patient with me, but I have also learnt valuable skills which I will use in many aspects of life.

After Sixth form is finished I hope to enter a degree apprenticeship. My course nor goal is completely clear just yet, but I know that I would like to enter the world of business. Whether that is in retail, technology or even construction, my plans are not clear. But what is, is the serious influence and impact working at Walker’s has had on me, they seem like such an amazing company to work for and I could definitely see myself working here the in future.

I would like to be as successful as possible in the future and I believe my dedication and motivation can get me there. I thank Walker’s for giving me the drive and belief that I can go far in any industry and opening my eyes to the world of construction, as a profession within the business sector. The entire experience has been amazing and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The dedication and friendless of everyone is very commendable. I possibly will be returning later in the summer as the experience has been so worthwhile and enjoyable, it would be a pleasure to come back.