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West Malling Station

West Malling Station

Station Approach, Swan Street, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6HJ

Value: £536,882
Duration: Jan 2013 - Oct 2014
Contract: NEC3 Option B

The works involved Remodelling of Forecourt, Passenger Drop Off, Car Park and Station Approach at West Malling Station. This project was the Design & Build Contract to improve the environment of West Malling Station by upgrading the surrounding landscape, redesigning and improving the pavements, kerbs, footways, paved areas, traffic signs and improving street lighting at and around West Malling Station.

The works comprised of Grip 5 redesign of the forecourt area in front of the station to provide improved forecourt and transport interchange, Improvements to the passenger footway and bus waiting facilities and interchange, Installation of 20 Minute waiting bays, The creation of additional cycle parking, Installation of a New bin store. Highway Construction was required as an element of the contract. Works also included Improvements to way-finding signage, upgrading lighting and CCTV further to the installation of new raised tables. Upon completion, Walker Construction conducted Stage 1 and 2 Road Safety Audits and instigated 278 Agreement.

We encountered numerous challenges while undertaking this project, as detailed below. All challenges were approached with a feasible solution to resolve the issue at the earliest opportunity and so to minimise the negative impact the challenge had on the cost and programme for the works. Timescale was critical on this scheme.

Limited information and plans were available for the site and therefore further surveys and new drawings had to be completed in a short time. Design and Survey activities were carried promptly to enable the 278 Agreement to be put in place and ensure work start on site to programme.

Railway infrastructure had been heavily bombed in the past and as such the likelihood of identifying un-exploded ordnance on the site provided a risk to the project. A UXO survey had to be completed prior to penetrating the ground at the station. This had not been completed prior to the award of contract. A UXO assessment survey was therefore carried out at the earliest opportunity to ensure that no unexploded ordnance was present on site as so to ensure the risk could be mitigated / managed.

Along with limited records and reports for the site, the land ownership boundary was also incorrectly plotted on the plans which were available for the site. This matter required numerous changes to a majority of the site drawings and also to the proposed drainage and highway design to meet the approval of all land owners and to ensure compliance with standards and authorities. This issue was resolved by way of close liaison with all land owners.

The station services were maintained at all times including the busses, taxi rank and surrounding car parks.

During the excavation works, a gas main was identified which was not shown on any services drawings provided for the works. The gas main required diverting and lowering. This issue was dealt with via close liaison between the Project Manager and the Statutory Undertaker.

Due to the high number of Taxi, busses, pedestrians and car park users, pedestrian / passenger and traffic segregation had to be maintained at all times. The works required close liaison with the nearby taxi company regarding phasing to ensure access is maintained throughout to minimise disruptions / unproductivity. All works directly adjacent the taxi rank and the station entrance were undertaken outside normal working hours, so as not to cause a disturbance to all parties.

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