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Stratford Town Centre

Stratford Town Centre

Stratford Centre, 54a Broadway, Stratford, London, E15 1NG

Value: £500,000 of the £3Million contract for the ’Stratford Arts’
Duration: 25 Weeks
Contract: JCT Intermediate Contract

The Stratford Town Centre Public Realm Project was a high profile multidiscipline project with numerous contractors on the site completing different elements of works. The aim of the project was to revitalise, regenerate and provide Stratford Town Centre with a new visual display for the 2012 Olympics including upgrading the transport infrastructure.

This project was the “Stratford Arts” which included the Shoal, Cloud and Morgan House Multi-Storey Car Park Ramp Demolition. Specifically we were to design and construction of a series of piled foundations to support each of the kinetic sculptures and to demolish the Car Park Ramp.

The 250 metre long Stratford Shoal is an eye catching kinetic sculpture, near the 2012 London Olympic games transit stations and entry. ’The Shoal’ is made up of 100 titanium clad giant ’leaves’ (or abstract fish) mounted between 15 and 19 metres high on steel posts along Great Eastern Road in Stratford Centre. The leaves are meant to gently move in the breeze to create a natural motion.

Key to constructing these large sculptures was our element of the works the foundations which included undertaking soils investigations to establish the pile diameters and lengths as well as service locations to allow them to be relocated or relocating the pile caps and piles to avoid services which could not be moved. The design was restricted by the superstructure frame and leafs which had to ideally be located in set places however we had to work in conjunction with the superstructure frame designer to redesign the layout to suit the ground conditions, service locations and other ground restrictions such as building foundations and road proximity.A smaller element of the work was the safe demolition of a ramp on the Morgan House multi-storey car park which was critical to the installation of the shoal and revised transport infrastructure improvements.

There were considerable site constraints include site access, working areas available, working times, noise and vibration restriction, road and pavement closures required, existing utilities and overhead clearance for plant.Work constraints within a town centre location and central hub with significant vehicle movements through Traffic Management long with considerable pedestrian movements from Stratford Station, Stratford Town Centre and Westfield Stratford City.

During the piling works we had to carry out major traffic and pedestrian management systems which had to gain approval with the client, highways agency, the variety of contractors on site, local bus company and Transport for London.

Lessons Learnt
The issues with multiple contractors, designers and stakeholders on this project meant that we had to establish strong communication channels and have now set up our own communication plans for future large projects of this nature to ensure that the communication channels are set up earlier and can be established prior to the normal complexities of a project coming into full fruition.

Through the complex nature of the traffic and pedestrian management on this project we assigned a full time Traffic Officer which has now become standard across all projects of the size, complexity and nature.

We are proud of our involvement in this high profile project and although our element of the works is not seen by the viewing public, our works were critical to providing the finished article.

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