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Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University

Gipsy Lane, Headington, Oxford, OX3 0BP

Value: £1,370,421
Duration: 20 Weeks
Contract: NEC3

The scheme involved the provision of improved highway access to Oxford Brookes University, Wheatley Campus and Wheatley Park School, while improving parking and coach turning facilities at Wheatley Park School and The Park Sports Centre, including improvements to the existing highways to serve the improved access. The highway refurbishment 278 Works incorporated the installation of a T-Junction to access Oxford Brookes Wheatley Campus, including the installation of new traffic signals, installation of new street lighting, signage, splitter islands, kerbs, tactile paving, the widening of the carriageway. Milling and resurfacing the main road with anti- skid surfacing, cycle-ways, footpaths, grasscrete parking bay and white lining.

The civil works incorporated the installation of a new carriageway, footpaths, cycle-ways, installation of coach bays, new car park, drainage including swales, installation of both timber chestnut pale fencing and estate metal fence with specific details, new street lighting system with 7 circuit loops, block paving, truck paving, tactile paving, grasscrete, topsoil striping, landscaping bunds, white lining and pedestrian management. The works were carried out in seven phases during school term time with a high volume of pupils present. This was managed with minimum disruption to the users of Oxford Brookes University, Wheatley Park School, Sports Centre and the public areas.

The inclement weather conditions during the project presented a problem with our choice of type 1 material. We endeavoured to reduce costs on the project by using a certified recycled type 1 material, but the continuous rain resulted in the material becoming saturated and unusable for the road construction. This material was reused for the footpaths but standard quarried material was used to replace the material.

Maintaining pedestrian and vehicle traffic flows whilst works were being carried out in a busy environment was also a challenge that was monitored throughout the project and overcome by producing phased traffic and pedestrian plans in advance of the works and were displayed for all students to read and comment.

Benefits Realised / Lessons Learnt
A close working relationship between the whole project team ensured co-ordination with minimum disruption.

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