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Jubilee Primary School

Jubilee Primary School

Crowden Way Crossway, Thamesmead, London, SE28 9JB

Value: £1,000,000
Duration: 36 Weeks
Contracts: JCT Intermediate Form of Contract 2011

This project comprised of the building of four large classroom extensions simultaneously and refurbishing the children’s toilets and circulation areas without disrupting the day to day running of the school in any way. The works were planned and programmed with input from the architects, engineers, local authority and school representatives. School holidays were made priority working time for moving materials and carrying out items such as breakthroughs and electrical isolations.

There were many challenges on the project that were dealt with in such a manner by all parties that the budget and programme was not affected. Before piling works could commence UXO probing was carried out due to its position near London and the ordinance that was dropped during WW2. The school is located within a flood plain area and situated on waste ground so flood alleviation works were incorporated into the build and gas membranes were installed to all extensions. Concrete ring beams were installed onto the piles then beam and block floors were installed. Brick and Block walls were installed with new roof and matching tiles. The rooms were plastered out and decorated creating a large open space. Solar Panels were installed onto the roof of the school as part of the ongoing sustainable school programme.

The works were set up so each build was cordoned off individually but could be joined together by simply opening the gates to create one large working area allowing movement within the site. When the school was due a break and the children were to use the playground the gates were automatically closed creating individual sites.

The project was completed on time and under budget and without a single complaint from the school.

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