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Hampstead Heath Station

Hampstead Heath Station

South End Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 2QD

Value: £1.3 Million
Duration: 42 Weeks
Contract: NEC3 Option A

The project was for the demolition of the existing station building and construction of new station building and installation of DDA lifts to serve platforms 1 and 2.

In order for the lift shaft on platform 2 to be constructed, the existing station building was required to be completely dismantled. The station was required to remain fully operational whilst the works were being carried out. Access to the work site on platform 1 was via the 2m wide footbridge which spanned between the 2 platforms. A new station building was then constructed once the lift shafts were in place.

The works were required to be undertaken and completed within the confines of the footprint of the existing station building and with a storage area of five parking bays directly outside the station, which was restrictive.

The excavation of the lift shaft on platform 2 required temporary ground supports to be installed to three sides of the excavation, which were fully supported off of a row of sheet piles, which were driven 7m into the platform. Due to limited access the excavation of the lift shaft was undertaken solely from one side, by utilising a 9 tonne excavator which was positioned on the public footpath. A 1 tonne machine was lifted down by HIAB lorry into the excavation as the works progressed to continue the excavation. The spoil was lifted out in 1 tonne bags by the 9 tonne excavator.

With no suitable access to platform 1 we could only use the possessions at weekends to dismantle the existing station structure in the area in which the lift shaft was constructed. The excavation and installation of the temporary ground supports could only take place during engineering hours with the overhead power lines isolated. The existing overhead line gantry was required to be braced and supported due to it being close to the excavation of the lift pit. A king post wall was constructed to support the surrounding walls and buildings.

An encapsulated temporary pedestrian walkway was created to one side of the site to enable the passengers to access the platforms.

Due to the station and surrounding streets being very busy and the restricted working area, the scheduling of the works was a challenge which required careful planning. Local authority section 61 restrictions applied, in which sound and vibration monitoring was undertaken through the demolition of the building, excavation works and construction of the station building.

A number of the finishing items were contractor design and we ensured that these elements were undertaken within the budget for which the client had set.

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