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Farnham Adult Learning Centre

Farnham Adult Learning Centre

25 West Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DR

Value: £750,000
Contract: NEC3
Duration: 9 Months

The project was to install a new extension onto the existing listed building to form an art studio for the adult learning centre, this was one of the logistically challenging building contract that we have undertaken due to the position of the new build being at the rear of the property with no access other that a small footpath. The building was situated on the main high street near a junction and no traffic lights could be installed which made deliveries and removal of materials extremely challenging. The solution for the materials was to have all deliveries made to a compound 250m away from the site that would no disrupt the traffic or pedestrians. The materials were then transported by forklift to the access gate where they were moved to site on a motorised barrow. This was difficult when it came to the steels but with pre-discussions on the methodology and logistical thinking all materials was moved on and off site in a safe and controlled manner during the build.

During the construction the existing building was operational for adult learning needs and the work was programmed around the teaching schedule which was a great success.

The works included the following tasks;

  • Ground Clearance (Vegetation, Steps, Paving).
  • Excavation and installation of new utilities, footings and drainage.
  • Construction of brick and stud walls.
  • Installation of steel supports.
  • Construction of roof.
  • Plastering
  • Decorations
  • CCTV of existing drainage.
  • Stripping out of tiles, walling, flooring, cupboards etc.. in the existing building.
  • Installation of new doors and partition walls.
  • Installation of new toilet facilities.
  • Redecoration of existing listed building

The project was challenging throughout the duration of the contract but the client and end used were delighted with the build and are now using the new facility for what it was designed and built to be.

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